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An anxious romance: Caroline Tompkins' new book explores female desire and the intricate relationship between sex and fear

Caroline Tompkins is an American photographer known for her intimate portraits and beautiful landscapes. Her forthcoming book, Bedfellow explores the intertwining of sex with pleasure and danger. The book features friends and strangers, ex-partners and lovers, and confronts the viewer with two seemingly opposite feelings: desiring men while fearing them. … Read More

Andi Galdi Vinko’s visual handbook on navigating the boundary between motherhood and creativity

Inspired by her own experience, Andi’s first book, “Sorry I Gave Birth I Disappeared But Now I’m Back,” looks at the relationship between motherhood and creativity and challenges the notion of motherhood as a sweeping, all-encompassing state. … Read More

A Pound of Pictures: Photographer Alec Soth’s exploration of self-doubt, the act of looking, and the richness of the world

Alec Soth is a Magnum photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, known for his long-term projects that capture the spirit of middle America. His breakthrough project, “Sleeping By the Mississippi”, is a collection of photographs of the people and places he encountered along a meandering road trip down the Mississippi River. Since its publication in 2004, Soth … Read More