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FF Mixtape #175: Mouse on Mars

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mouse on Mars (@mouseonmars_official) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mouse on Mars (@mouseonmars_official) Spatial Jitter “[Dialectic exchange] creates the motor that spins the machine we call Mouse on Mars. The machine is not Andi and I—Mouse on Mars is its own abstract … Read More

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FF Mixtape #174: Midnight Shift

In the mental maps and imaginations of many clubgoers and artists around the world, and within the global music industry in general, Singapore is no more than a little red dot with the sale of gum notoriously prohibited and drugs heavily criminalized. The pandemic, which has silenced the island’s once vibrant nightlife and live music … Read More


FF Mixtape #173: Frankie Casillo

In a time where nightlife around the world is left in a constant state of flux, remembering the significance of nightlife scenes is important to building a more resilient future for these spaces and their communities. Italian-born and Berlin-formed photographer Frankie Casillo plays his part by documenting the invaluable contribution of nightlife to the “cultural … Read More

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Photo Essays

From Italian indie bands to sacred rituals in India, Enrico Caputo captures the less observed

From producing music videos for Italian indie bands, to working as a commercial photographer, launching the book and platform Designers Against Coronavirus, and exploring themes of traveling and belonging in his personal portfolio, Enrico Caputo’s artistic path is far from linear. His diverse professional experiences have shaped him to become someone that admires and seeks … Read More

Chasing memories between Portsmouth and Hong Kong with Karl Bailey

Nestled on the south coast of the United Kingdom lies the sea city Portsmouth, the primary subject of UK-based Karl Bailey’s photographs. Whether we are familiar with the seaside city or not, there’s something personal about his intimate portrayal of the town’s public spaces, community pools, and festive attractions. The same can be said about … Read More

From Moricone to Cappadocia through the lens of Patricia Sofra

“I work closely with analogue because it allows me to relinquish control, shoot slower, and work with the flaws.” “No environment or situation that I am photographing is the same, but what informs all of my work is a sense of symmetry and intergenerational memory.’’ “As a young introvert, it was my tool to connect … Read More

Capturing the mundane sparkle of France’s southern coast with Paloma Saint Léger

“Our place in nature is also something I like to observe, we are just part of the scenery and it is something I like to give a glimpse of through my images.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paloma Saint Léger (@palomasaintleger) Paloma Saint Léger is an international photographer, graphic designer, and … Read More

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