Friends Apartment - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Friends Apartment

The FF Apartment in Berlin is our online publication come to life – a multi-faceted space for friends and partners to gather and express their creativity.

2 Separate Apartments
2014 Friends Apartment Launched
65m2 Total area
2 Bedrooms

After portraying creatives in their homes for many years, the next logical step was to create one of our own. 

An extension of Friends of Friends’ online platform, the FF apartment is a physical space showcasing our vision of modern living. Featuring products developed by our like-minded partners, and providing a space for the magazine’s creative community to come together, the apartment can also be used as a unique venue for events, workshops, and presentations.

Download our info-sheet here.

“It serves not only as a platform for innovative products from friends and partners, but as a unique venue for events, workshops, and presentations.”

The living room as a designated area for meetings or workshops.

Interested in booking the 
apartment, or want to collaborate with us?

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Our kitchen is fully equiped and perfect to cater for small dinners.
The Apartment offers full audiovisual equipment for either presentations or entertainment.
Two bedrooms make overnight stays possible.