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Friends of Friends is an international community, production studio, and publishing platform dedicated to creativity and inspiration.


After coming to life in the creative hub of Berlin back in 2009, Friends of Friends has grown into an international magazine, production studio, and community responding to contemporary discussions—whether social, political, or environmental—by profiling today’s leading creatives, thinkers, and changemakers from all over the world. 


Friends of Friends supports, enables, and promotes creative culture through publishing, community experiences, and bespoke brand partnerships. We believe that relevant ideas, creative voices, inspiring stories, and enduring experiences have a positive and sustainable impact on society and our daily lives.

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2008 / 09 – A project initiated by Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert, and Torsten Bergler, Friends of Friends came to life with the aim of celebrating creativity and generating inspiration.

Fall 2009 – Featuring interviews with Berlin-based creatives, the online magazine Freunde von Freunden was launched.

2012 – Freunde von Freunden went international, producing stories in cities around the world and changing the main language of operation from German to English.

2012 / 13 – We produced our first video content, capturing the lives and workspaces of creatives on film.

2011 – The Freunde von Freunden Berlin book was published, featuring interviews with the likes of Christian Boros, Uta Grosenick, and Distanz

2013/14 – We opened the FF Apartment, a physical expression of the online publication and a multi-faceted space for friends and partners to gather and express their creativity.

2014 – Our second book, Freunde von Freunden Friends of Friends, was published. In contrast to the first, this book had an international focus, offering unique insights into the living and working spaces of creatives around the world.

2016 – We opened the Friends Space, a loft and event space designed by architect Philip Mainzer, Friends of Friends, and featuring furniture and fittings from our like-minded clients.

2017 – Friends of Friends moved from our office in Berlin Mitte to our current home Kreuzberg.

Team & Culture

Coming from all over the world, the Friends of Friends team is made up of a diverse array of creatives, from journalists and editors to project managers, social media managers, video producers, and photo editors. Bringing their own unique experiences to the table, each team member plays a vital role in making Friends of Friends a vibrant, international hub of creativity where many long-lasting friendships are formed.

Offices in Berlin

After starting our journey in our old Mitte office—now home to the FF Apartment—in 2017 Friends of Friends’ moved to its current home in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, which is kitted out with furniture and fittings designed by our like-minded partners, such as Reform, Zumtobel, and USM. An area well known for being a melting pot of cultures and creativity, Kreuzberg felt like the perfect place for Friends of Friends to be based.

Our Reform kitchen.
Zumtobel lighting.
USM furniture.

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On the forefront of developments in contemporary creative culture, Friends of Friends works with like-minded partners to produce cutting-edge storytelling, campaign development, and in-person brand experiences, all of which provide meaningful connections for brands and clients worldwide. 

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Get to know us even better

  • How did Friends of Friends start?

    When Friends of Friends first came to life in 2008 as the platform “Freunde von Freunden (FvF)” initiated by Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert, and Torsten Bergler, the main aim was to celebrate creativity and generate inspiration rather than make money. Inspired by innovators such as Monocle founder Tyler Brule, as well as the advent of Facebook and personality PR in Germany, FvF was intended as a platform for candid photography and authentic interviews with the founder’s immediate friends—and subsequently their recommendations of people to portray—in Berlin, an opportunity to showcase the lives, work, and homes of some of the most creative minds in the German capital.

  • How has Friends of Friends changed over the years?

    Over the years, Friends of Friends has grown and widened its focus. Aided by collaborations with like-minded clients—from the beginning we were committed to never feature advertising, instead only working with brands who share our values—who sent us on international productions, we were able to start showcasing people and their homes from across Germany, Europe, and the world, making connections and developing an ever evolving international community of creatives along the way. To reflect this new international mindset and make the platform more accessible, we relaunched for the first time in 2011, switching our main language from German to English as well as publishing articles in other languages to cater to a wider audience.

  • Why did your name change from Freunde von Freunden to Friends of Friends in 2020?

    Mirroring our linguistic transition nine years ago, as part of our 2020 relaunch we thought it was high time our name was also translated into English. Now, as Friends of Friends (FF), we hope to present ourselves as an accessible, international brand that people from all around the world can engage with. Due to this change, we also decided it was time for a new logo: two uppercase F’s enclosed in a circle, a symbol of unity paying homage to the strong community Friends of Friends has built over the past ten years.