Friends of Friends Submission Guide - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Friends of Friends Submission Guide

We are always excited to hear from new contributors and to develop innovative content together. Before you submit any pitches, we kindly ask you to read our submissions guidelines and familiarize yourself with our editorial direction.

Our Editorial Mission
Inspiring change through creativity

FF exists to celebrate and showcase the ideas of a global creative community that will inspire progressive change for a better future. We value individual experiences but always make sure to place them within a wider context and discourse so that they resonate with our global readership.

Editorial Values

  • Values
    • 1 FF Is Brave: FF is not afraid to tackle difficult issues and topics. We encourage critical questions or points of view. We want to challenge our readers and their ideas, their expectations, and their assumptions about themselves and the wider world.
    • 2 FF Gets Personal: To foster empathy between our readers and the subjects we pursue, we celebrate the personal connections that animate our stories. Through all written content, we aim to go beyond the surface and to reach for the intimate.
    • 3 FF Educates: FF exists to empower our community by helping them develop practical skills and broaden their understanding of the world around them. We promote the recognition of purpose-driven creativity as an effective tool for changemaking.
    • 4 FF Values Interconnection: FF was founded and inspired by connections. We continue to value our connection to each other and to nature.
    • 5 FF Celebrates Innovation: FF celebrates purpose-driven innovation that seeks to make a positive impact in the world. Through our platform, we hope to inspire new ways of thinking, working, and living that are also conscious of the wellbeing of different communities and the planet.
    • 6 FF Is Inclusive: Inclusivity and diversity lead to smarter and more creative solutions, ideas, and ways of living. FF is committed to amplifying under-represented voices and inspiring a new generation to step into their own creative power.
    • 7 FF Gets Real: FF features real people, real talk, and real photography. In addition to creativity’s pleasures, we highlight the cracks and the messy, in-between parts of life. By acknowledging the bad, we can appreciate the good.

Top Tips

  • Please only pitch ideas related to our mission of “inspiring change through creativity.”
  • Please only pitch original stories that have not appeared in other magazines or platforms. 
  • We are interested in giving space to non-mainstream and emerging talents. If you are pitching an interview, please consider whether the person you wish to speak to has already been featured.
  • Please include a headline and story angle that incentivizes readers and is related to the FF mission. 
  • Please do not write the entire piece before it is commissioned. We only need to see overview ideas at this stage. 
  • Expect to be contacted with more guidance and next steps if your submission is selected. Due to the high amount of submissions, we are not always able to give feedback to everyone.
  • Photo Features: Please see the Photography Submission Form for more information about pitch requirements.

Article Formats

Below is a description of the formats we are accepting for submissions.

  • Personal Essays: A first-person essay written exploring a personal experience or reflection.

Ready to pitch an idea?

Next Steps

If your pitch is successful, you will be sent the full FF Style & Editorial Guide which will give you clear direction on how to format your work as well as deadline and applicable fees.