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The Slum Studio’s founder Sel Kofiga on why sustainable fashion goes beyond clothing

The social and environmental impact of discarded clothing remains a contentious issue. On the one hand, a growing number of brands and designers have (proudly) incorporated cast-off fabrics into their collections. On the other hand, this kind of remedying has perhaps prevented the fashion industry from tackling the issue of waste in a more holistic … Read More

Butheina Kazim is transforming Dubai’s culture with the first arthouse in the Gulf

“In September 2018, we opened the doors to the first arthouse in the Gulf—and there was an ‘aha’ moment of feeling like we’ve arrived somewhere we were meant to be.” From her early career days working for free-to-air state television, freelancing on the side to produce films such as Letters to Palestine on a “shoe-string … Read More

Curator Sonia González’s revitalizing take on Potsdam’s historic Villa Schöningen

When 29-year-old Sonia González heard that Potsdam’s historic residence and exhibition house Villa Schöningen was looking for a new curator, she reached for the opportunity without hesitation. Two years and several shows later, González has made herself known for leading the space through the uncertainties of the pandemic and adding an unprecedented twist to its … Read More

Design Studio Turbina explores the symbolic role of objects in connecting the earthy with the spiritual

Stones and rocks share an ancient relationship with rituals and spirituality. Stacking stone mounds, placing stones on graves, erecting them in circles (think of Stonehenge), but also holding on to one as a “Handschmeichler” or worry stone, or using them for healing purposes. Far from providing clear answers, such practices reflect something fundamental about human … Read More

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Link List #171: Redefining activism through joy, storytelling and “radical love”

This collection of articles shows different ways to approach activism. If you want to read more on activism and creativity make sure to read the story on how DADDY magazine is reclaiming space for underrepresented voices in German media. Text: Maria Paris Main image: Claire Cottrell Photography: Gui Morelli Images: Akilah Townsend, Kristen Uroda … Read More

Link List #170: Roaming in gardens through the lens of our favorite publications

This collection of articles taps into the cultures and possibilities surrounding gardens. If you want to read more on creativity and nature, visit the story on the quiet activism of the Lissome founder Dörte de Jesus. And make sure to head over to our Link List on creative efforts to support Ukraine. Text: Maria Paris … Read More

Link List #169: Exploring the disruptive power of education through the lens of our favorite publications

Education shapes the way we interact with ourselves and with the world around us. Yet, in a moment where working towards the future is critical, the frameworks of traditional education often fail to address present-day concerns such as climatic change, inclusivity, and censorship.  Through alternative classrooms, online revolutions, and the preservation of languages, the links … Read More