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Photographer and self-declared introvert Julia Sellmann on capturing intimacy in her portraits

In the last five years, Cologne-based photographer Julia Sellmann has been taking portraits for magazines such as National Geographic, Zeit Magazin, and The Guardian. She has photographed a great variety of subjects, from book publisher Gerhard Steidl to artist Thomas Ruff. During this time, her images have become distinct by being charmingly candid. In her … Read More

Arles Photo Festival Sneak Peek: The talents changing the landscape of contemporary photography

1. FRIDA ORUPABO We have been following Norwegian-Nigerian artist Frida Orupabo’s work for a long time. Her practice explores questions of race, gender, violence, and identity. Combining family photographs with found digital and physical material, Orupabo revisits and challenges the authority of archives and sheds light on stories and people often left out of them. … Read More

OSTKREUZ exhibition ‘After the Escape’ portrays the lives of Ukrainian refugees

Russia’s war in Ukraine is entering its third month in June, and the different social, economic, and political impacts can be observed across Europe and the world. Artists and creative communities are joining forces to document the war and create safer platforms for those impacted to share their stories, traumas, and hopes.  A month-long exhibition … Read More

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