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Grounding Spirituality

Design Studio Turbina explores the symbolic role of objects in connecting the earthy with the spiritual

Stones and rocks share an ancient relationship with rituals and spirituality. Stacking stone mounds, placing stones on graves, erecting them in circles (think of Stonehenge), but also holding on to one as a “Handschmeichler” or worry stone, or using them for healing purposes. Far from providing clear answers, such practices reflect something fundamental about human … Read More

The healing power and future potential of cultivating mushrooms

Chido Govera, farmer, activist, author, entrepreneur, adoptive mother to seven orphans, and lover of dawn dance sessions, is changing lives with her dedicated commitment to uplifting communities through self-sufficiency. And specifically by converting waste into mushrooms. Through The Future of Hope Foundation (TFoHF), an organization she created to empower women and girls from communities around … Read More

The Light Fantastic: Ini Archibong places his tech-focused designs into a mythical realm

Ini’s charisma and insight compliments his natural design talent. Influenced by fantastical worlds and mystical scenarios, his collections often aim to create dreamlike experiences within the realm of reality. For him, it’s about the idea of escape, often to a world beyond that is truly fascinating for the designer. The Basel-based designer is no stranger … Read More