Dr. Hauschka: Livestream Event - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Dr. Hauschka: Livestream Event

An interactive media preview for Dr. Hauschka's #Flowerpowersince1967 campaign bringing together partners, contributors and an international community of influencers.

For Dr. Hauschka we transferred a product launch into a live, interactive and fully digital brand experience. The event was produced from the Dr. Hauschka headquarters in the small Swabian town of Eckwälden.

180 international influencers got invited to witness the launch of a new trio of naturally-sourced day lotions.

Dr. Hauschka Head of Galenic Development, Annette Greco, presented the lotion’s natural ingredients and unique properties followed by insightful interviews with global raw material experts on organic cultivation. 

Services provided by Friends of Friends included consulting, concept support, invitation design and management, event production, art direction, location design, and overall technical support. 

Further information on the campaign and company information on Dr. Hauschka can be found on the Flower Power campaign website.