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Visual Escapism for a New Reality Pt. 2: Technological Tours


Visual Escapism for a New Reality Pt. 2: Take a Virtual Tour

In need of some visual stimulation? Virtually escape the confines of your home with a look back at some of our favorite international stories satiating our appetite for wanderlust.

At a time when we’re stuck inside staring at the same four walls everyday, many of us are feeling like we need a change of scenery. Pre-lockdown, we didn’t give a second thought to spending an afternoon in a gallery, visiting friends, or traveling by train or plane to explore new destinations, but, during the coronavirus crisis, we’ve had to come up with new ways to fuel our appetite for visual stimulation.

Here at Friends of Friends, we have a vast archive of stories featuring inspiring photography by a range of international creatives. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites, which will hopefully offer you some visual inspiration, whether that is by digitally exploring new corners of the globe through documentary images, or by seeing reality through a variety of photographer’s own unique lenses.

There’s nothing better than discovering new places with a local guide to show you all the hidden gems that you wouldn’t find in a guide book. While social distancing may currently prevent us from meeting up with others in person to share travel tips, these articles below will allow you to digitally explore various European destinations with members of the Friends of Friends community as your guides. First, head over to Macedonia to discover Skopje’s thriving techno scene with DJ Aleksandar Grozdanovski, then make your way to Vorarlberg in Austria for an architectural tour of the area with Verena Konrad, director of the Vorarlberger Architektur Institut. The benefit of digital travel is that you can jump across countries and continents with a mere mouse click.

Due to its turbulent political history, North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje has become a melting pot of contrasting influences. We met up with Macedonian DJ and artist Aleksander Grozdanovski to find out more about how the city’s journey from Socialism to democracy has influenced its electronic music scene.

Digitally explore the architectural gems of Vorarlberg, Austria with Verena Konrad—the director of the Vorarlberger Architektur Institut—as your personal tour guide.

Explore the permanence of Tuscan craftsmanship and meet a variety of artisans in this Florentine city guide.

Feeling in need of some wide open spaces to contrast the confines of your bedroom? Explore the pristine glacier tongues, thermal pools, and waterfalls of Iceland in this summary of our 2016 road trip around the country’s renowned Ring Road.

Text: FvF Team