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Visual Escapism for a New Reality Pt. 3: Through their eyes


Visual Escapism for a New Reality Pt. 3: Through their eyes

In need of some visual stimulation? Virtually escape the confines of your home with a look back at some of our favorite international stories satiating our appetite for wanderlust.

At a time when we’re stuck inside staring at the same four walls everyday, many of us are feeling like we need a change of scenery. Pre-lockdown, we didn’t give a second thought to spending an afternoon in a gallery, visiting friends, or traveling by train or plane to explore new destinations, but, during the coronavirus crisis, we’ve had to come up with new ways to fuel our appetite for visual stimulation.

Here at Friends of Friends, we have a vast archive of stories featuring inspiring photography by a range of international creatives. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites, which will hopefully offer you some visual inspiration, whether that is by digitally exploring new corners of the globe through documentary images, or by seeing reality through a variety of photographer’s own unique lenses.

The Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based photographer on her male muse, the film genre pinky violence, and revindicating history’s ‘evil women’.

In this photo essay, London-based, Singapore-born photographer Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee turns her lens on her hometown. In doing so, she grants us a rare glimpse into elements of the Southeast Asian metropolis that are ongoing influences on her work.

Take a look inside the photo book of Swiss photographer Tom Haller featuring a range of analog photographs taken over 30 years of trips to America. Depicting cloud-filled skies, abandoned gas stations, garish red billboards, and classics car stood idle on otherwise empty parking lots, Haller’s desolate images feel very relevant to coronavirus lockdown.

Florian Bong-Kil Grosse captures candid portraits of Ajoessis—middle-aged, married men in South Korea whose sartorial choices show little-to-no interest in contemporary fashion trends.

History imposes burdens on the present and informs the future. In the work of documentary photographer Mila Teshaieva, it serves to shape identities.

In this photo essay, British-born, Beirut-based photographer and radio producer Alex Atack reveals a rarely seen side of the UAE.

Still in need of more visual stimulation? Head over to our photo essays page to find more inspiring images captured by international creatives.

Text: FvF Team