Telling Design Stories and Sharing Values with Vitra - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Telling Design Stories and Sharing Values with Vitra


Freunde von Freunden and Vitra are embarking on a significant new chapter in our partnership. Twice a month we will publish two complementary interview perspectives highlighting distinct features of the portrait. While on Freunde von Freunden you will continue to find comprehensive profiles of inspiring creatives, will focus on the individual relationship with Vitra design. Each feature will be accompanied by a selection of specially curated photography.

This partnership explores a form of branded storytelling that adds value to our magazine and Vitra while, most importantly, revealing a fresh perspective on both outstanding creatives and the definitive furniture designer to our readers. The basis is, of course, shared ideals. Vitra has long set the standards for our own work in terms of quality, design, and sustainability

The first Freunde von Freunden book was teeming with Vitra items, and while that wasn’t something we’d intended, it wasn’t a coincidence either: they were essential to our and our friends’ style and identity. Those shared values gave rise to what is now a well-established collaboration, with Vitra supporting the launch of the Freunde von Freunden iPad app, engaging the services of FvF’s creative agency MoreSleep, and enabling the FvF Apartment, which is set to open at the end of February.

Therefore, we could not think of a better partner for the launch of this new form of authentic, unadulterated, and complementary brand of storytelling. After all, it’s a collaboration built on trust. We hope you will enjoy reading the Vitra design stories as much as we enjoy producing them.

You will find our recently co-published portraits in Vitra Magazine, where we will continue to look more closely at specific interior pieces and concepts. See the collaborative portraits on

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