Link List #72: The difficulties of being a woman in publishing, a dark festival at the end of the earth, and the belated acceptance speech of Nobel laureate Bob Dylan

In an industry overwhelmingly populated by intelligent, strong women—why is it that males are always in positions of power in publishing? We explore this question and more in this week’s Link List—compiled for you by our (predominantly female) workforce.


    • 1 New Yorker Durga Chew-Bose likens habitual movements and daily repetition to slowly, but surely, pencilling the outline of your own portrait. This, she believes, can only be done whilst living alone. Read more of her poetic and resonant words in the article, Since Living Alone.
    • 2 When literature and lyrics collide; The Guardian share a very belated acceptance speech from Bob Dylan for his 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature.
    • 3 It might be summer this side of the globe, but on an island 240km south of Australia—the darkness of winter has descended, and with it comes a strange festival. Dark Mofo is run by MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art). Nude solstice swims in icy waters, performances from Pussy Riot, underground parties (the likes of which you’ve never seen), Mike Parr at midnight, hymns to the dead and devils in the streets; if you’re in Australia this is one not to be missed. Dark Mofo runs in Hobart, Tasmania from June 8 – 21. Delve into the deep on MONA’s website.
    • 4 Beyond the persistent pay gap, the seemingly ‘welcoming’ creative industry of publishing still favors men over women for top jobs. A woman working in publishing (who asked to remain unnamed in the article), comments: “You have a lot of white, middle- and upper-class, privately educated men selecting other white, middle-class, privately educated men now. It has a chilling effect.” Read about how things are getting worse for women in publishing via The Guardian.
    • 5 We’ve been having a bit of an Ab Fab renaissance in office lately, and what better way to celebrate the eccentric lives of Patsy and Edina than by listening to Joanna Lumley on Desert Island Discs: BBC’s longest running radio program, and possibly—the original podcast.

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Text:Rosie Flanagan

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