Link list #175:  The iconic books unlocking the mysteries of the occult - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Link list #175:  The iconic books unlocking the mysteries of the occult

In this link list, we host a dinner observing the position of the stars. Walking the ancient paths of Britain, we meditate on the power of nature and learn to follow the pull of magic.

Inspired by our Deep Dive on mysticism by design, FF Photo-Director and founder of LOOKBOOKS, Emma Hammar, curated this charming and fun reading list. Filled with cult classics and unearthly imagery, this collection takes us on a journey into the spiritual world.

The Complete Tadanori Yokoo


Japanese graphic designer and artist Tadanori Yokoo is known for his psychedelic, meditative images, often depicting interior worlds. Published in 1971, this book is a collection of Yokoo’s work, featuring some of his best surrealist album covers, poster designs, and prints.

Wiltshire Before Christ


In 2019, Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, photographer David Sims, and fashion brand Aries collaborated on an immersive exhibition called ‘Wiltshire B4 Christ’. The show focused on Stonehenge and other Neolithic sites in the UK, examining themes of mysticism, paganism, and British identity. Published alongside the exhibition, and featuring over 50 images shot by Sims, this book is an enchanting guide to the Neolithic sites of Great Britain.

Cosmic Cuisine


Based upon an ancient understanding that the signs of the zodiac and associated planets relate to a specific food, this collection of recipes presents menus to match astrological moods, signs, and celestial movements.

Native Funk & Flash: An Emerging Folk Art


This classic by Alexandra Jiacopetti was published in 1974. Showcasing photographs of hand embroidered and painted images on clothing, it captures the ethos of the counterculture movement of the 1960s. This book has become a must-have for any design enthusiast.

Good Magic


Drawing from the idea that magic is in everyday life and objects, Marina Medici creates a series of detailed rituals—from creating a sacred space to flower incantations, this book teaches us how to harness the power of the universe.

Weird Walk


Weird Walk started with three friends walking along a historical path in southern England. Since then, they have organized more walks and published six editions of their ‘Weird Walk’ zine. In each edition, they immerse themselves in the folklore and customs of the UK and continue their quest for myths, magic, music, and joy.

This compilation of books complements our Deep Dive on design a mysticism and was curated by FF Photo-Director and founder of LOOKBOOKS, Emma Hammar.

Text: Maria Paris