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Link List #52: Incarcerated rappers, the Burger King sauna and a personal history of pho


We’re always being led by our collective curiosity at FvF and this link list will give you a feel for the different personalities around the office. We’ve got everything from a designer funeral (it’s no surprise it comes recommended by our mother agency MoreSleep), an artist losing sleep over a performance piece, and a rare jailhouse interview with rapper Bobby Shmurda.


    • 1 The best designers are acutely idiosyncratic—and none more so than Designer Massimo Vignelli. Before he passed away two years ago, the designer planned every detail of his own funeral: from the pews to the font emblazoned on his urn. This unconventional design tale comes from Quartz.
    • 2 Performance artist Tehching Hsieh has been known to immerse himself into his artwork. NOWNESS revisit a piece in which he stamped a time clock every hour on the hour for a year straight.
    • 3 Burger King have opened their first in-store sauna in Helsinki, where guests can eat whoppers and sweat it out. Dan Piepenbring, web editor of The Paris Review gives a personal history of his relationship to the fast food chain and wonders if we’ve taken things a bit too far.
    • 4 Even ramen guru David Chang thinks pho will be the next big food craze. Lucky Peach are ahead of the curve with their latest issue all about the delicious soup. Use your noodle and educate yourself on pho with this essay that blends personal experience and history.
    • 5 Just 21 years old, rapper Bobby Shmurda spent all of 2015 in prison and is still awaiting trial for a laundry list of charges. We’re guilty of playing his music at the office and this interview from GQ gives a special insight into his trajectory from an overnight hip hop star to a convict.

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