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Link List #41: An End Of Year Special


It’s that time of year when everyone is creating end of year ‘best of’ lists. There are so many that it can be difficult to navigate, so here at FvF we’ve decided to make life easy for you by creating a list of the best lists. Yes, a list of lists. Meta, right?

We’ve scoured the furthest corners of the internet in a flurry of fervent research, reading and analysing a plethora of lists to see who is trotting out the same tired format, and who is giving things a welcome twist. Below you’ll find exemplary guides on the best albums, books, movies, music videos, DJs, TV shows and video games of the year. You’ll also learn who the journalistic heroes and villains were, and marvel at the beauty and pain present in some of the best photographs.

Reflecting on the highlights of the year makes you realise just how special it was, and that 2016 has a lot to live up to.

The FvF End of Year List of Lists

    • 1 The NPR albums of the year list is a refreshing take on the usual format; choosing to alphabetize the list instead of ranking the albums. The selections are a little more left of centre too, but of course Kendrick Lamar is included.
    • 2 In an age where news travels at lightspeed, The Columbia Journalism Review pulls no punches in both lauding the best examples of news coverage in 2015, and in leveling justified criticism at the worst offenders.
    • 3 By polling 168 critics from around the world, the BFI have created a list of movies that are the pinnacle of taste. You can even look over the comments and votes that the critics cast in an amazing interactive format which is a joy to dig through.
    • 4 If a picture says a thousand words, then prepare yourself for some serious reading. The TIME Magazine selection of the 100 best photos of the year contains some unbelievably powerful and impactful images.
    • 5 Would you like to lose your life to the TV subscription service of your choice? Then take a look at the New York Times critics selections of the best TV shows from 2015. There are three different lists, all excellent, and all with enough suggestions to bump ‘socializing more’ from your 2016 resolutions.
    • 6 The Resident Advisor DJs of the year readers poll is a brilliant barometer for showing what rude health dance music is in right now, and for working out who you will still be shaking yo thang to in 2016.
    • 7 We all know that Drake’s video for ‘Hotline Bling’ is the best video of the year hands down, but what about the rest? Pitchfork are on hand to guide you through the coolest marriages of music and celluloid in 2015.
    • 8 The Huck Magazine round-up of the best books might be guilty of having an American slant (a shortcoming they acknowledge), yet you can’t deny the level of quality. It has been a good year for literature.
    • 9 It’s nice to see Slant release a list of video games that isn’t stuffed full of blockbuster titles, instead taking into account the dearth of great new independent games that have been released this year.

Thanks for reading! We hope list of lists has helped you to find some great things that you might have missed out on in 2015.

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Text: Jonny Tiernan