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Link List #140: Feminist icons, ‘Rabbrexit’, and the cultural cost of gentrification

Link List #140: Feminist icons, ‘Rabbrexit’, and the cultural cost of gentrification

This week we’ve been reading about the Middle Eastern women redefining attitudes towards sexuality, the bow tie that caught everyone’s attention at the U.S. impeachment hearings, and the Taiwanese artist reimagining Brexit through depictions of fluffy bunnies.

YiMiao Shih’s Rabbrexit
    • In response to ever-increasing rents in the German capital, Frieze takes a look at how rapid growth and gentrification is affecting the Berlin art scene.
    • Taiwanese-born and London-based artist YiMiao Shih reimagines the UK’s current political landscape as a world of fictionally famed rabbits with her ongoing project Rabbrexit. Head over to It’s Nice That to find out more about her satirical tapestries depicting snoozing fluffy bunny frontbenchers.
    • “While Middle Eastern women are culturally expected to be virgins until they get married, in the West, double standards around sex and slut-shaming are still rife,” says journalist Alya Mooro. Alongside Mooro, Gal-dem speaks to six Arab women about how they are redefining Middle Eastern attitudes towards sex and sexuality.
    • Feminist icon and renowned Sudanese artist Kamala Ibrahim Ishaq has been announced as the Prince Claus Laureate 2019—an award in the Netherlands recognizing contributions to contemporary culture. Find out more on New African Magazine.
    • How much would giving up meat help the environment? Head over to The Economist to find out more about how going vegan for two-thirds of meals could cut food-related carbon emissions by 60%.
    • This week brought the news that lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret—which has come under scrutiny for being out of place in the #MeToo era—has cancelled its annual fashion show. Find out more on The New York Times.

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