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FvF International & Update

The team of Freunde von Freunden is proud and super excited to present you an international update of our website including new citys such as Paris, London, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo.
New photo and video interviews will come up in the next few weeks. Among our first guests you will see Joseph Dirand (architect/Paris), Antonio Santin (artist/Berlin) and London based fashion label Sibling. Other exciting guests such as Christian Boros, Francois Mascarello, Haw-lin and Lawrence Watson are still to come.

The last weeks during the summer have been filled with content production not only in Berlin, but also in other citys around the world. Now here comes the international update, finally.
We have always regarded ‘Freunde von Freunden’ as a magazine that is based in Berlin, but founded on a worldwide network of producers working without national boundaries. We hope you enjoy the updated look and content of FvF and look forward to meet you all very soon in all those interesting citys besided our hometown Berlin.