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Meet The FvF Contributors: Ana Hop


Mexican born photographer Ana Hop is a lover of travel, photography and interior design who studied Communications at The Ibero-American University before relocating to London to pursue photography at Central Saint Martins. 

After her studies in the UK, Ana returned to Mexico to make a living from photography with a newfound creative freedom and perspective on her country. She first contributed to FvF back in January 2013 with portraits from Mexico, including Napoleon Habeica and Dirk-Jan Kinet, followed by Greg Rogove and Diana Garcia in Los Angeles.

Ana stays entertained with trips to flea markets and long walks with her adopted dog Emila. She admits that her career as a photographer is a great vehicle for her passion of meeting people from around the globe and exploring their various ways of life.

This self-confessed design enthusiast works in fashion, commercial, and lifestyle photography for international brands and publications, including EsquireNylon, and National Geographic. On the side, Ana also pursues a portrait project called People You May Know documenting interesting personalities at home.

  • What’s your favorite daily ritual?


  • What do you do when you are not working with FvF?

    I have a shared studio where I spend my time working for editorial, fashion and portraiture. I also collaborate with magazines on a regular basis.

  • Where do you go when you want to relax or get inspired in your city?

    I will go to a park with my dog or flea markets. I love them, they’re so relaxing and entertaining. I also enjoy having big breakfasts at restaurants near my home and maybe visiting a place called “Casa Bosques” to buy magazines once in a while.

  • How has technology influenced you?

    Naturally, I love technology and being connected with people around the world. I always have been really curious about different kinds of living and cultures.

  • Best travel memory?


  • Where will your next travel lead you to?


  • Your latest artistic discovery in music or design?

    I’m really into Mexican designers, my favorite is Carla Fernández.

  • Who would you like to see featured next on FvF?

    I have photographed an artist named Pedro Friedeberg, who is known for his surrealist work. I would love to see him on the website.

  • What are you favorite photographs on FvF?

    I’d say the photos from Claire Cottrell or Carolina Iriarte‘s stories.

  • And your favorite portrait?

    Berlin-based artist Kelsey Brookes because I love his story about searching for his own way of living instead of leading a life he was not sure of. I can feel his talent and bravery.

  • What was the last great meal you ate and where?

    Maximo Bistro, a nice restaurant in Mexico City, where I enjoyed tuna, risotto and a chocolate dessert.

  • Three websites – more or less – you visit daily ?

    iGNANT, Pinterest, and the Fashion & Style column on the NY Times website.

  • What photographers or artists have influenced you the most?

Ana, thanks for chatting with us and for all the great portraits you’ve produced thus far for FvF. Have a look at more of Ana’s photography.

Ana’s dreamy photo of Diana Garcia is now available as a print in our shop. The image was also exhibited alongside other selections from our second book Friends, in two Aesop locations in Tokyo. Head over to the FvF Shop to look through the rest of our photographic prints.

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