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Claudio Camin


Cyclist Claudio Camin discovered his distinctive passion at an age where others were still relying on their bicycle training wheels. The South Tyrolean’s first race was at the mere age of eleven, and since then he has literally not taken time to pause. His career reads like the main chapter of a bestseller, continuously marked with success. In 1988 Claudio became vice world champion in points racing. This was six years before he became part of the Italian national team and a bike racing professional within the team ‘Vini Caldirola’, ‘Brescialat’ and ‘Liquigas’. He then reached the highest pinnacle and achievement for a racing cyclist: participating in the legendary Tour de France.This Portrait was produced in collaboration with Südtirol for adidas Journeys.

Instead of resting on his well-earned laurels, Claudio transformed his career and passion for cycling into science. Displaying his cycling talents no longer relied solely on the improvement of his physical performance, but also the perfection of his most important instrument utilized in this extreme sport.

Claudio filled a gap in his hometown by pursuing his eagerness to create a perfect, individualized ‘tailor-made’ bike. Together with his business partner Aldo Pistono in 2006, he realized his biggest dream: in an area of 350 square meters in Bolzano, he created the complex world of ‘Camin Bikes,’ that includes a spacious showroom featuring a state of the art lab. It is here where bicycles are personalized down to the frame construction, biomechanics, and geometry for each individual client, in order to provide the best performance possible. Quite obviously Claudio’s years of experience on the bike and intimate knowledge of cycling are invaluable in this venture.

In midst of the visually stunning mountain peaks of South Tyrol, the motivated Claudio allowed us exclusive access behind the scenes between rims and saddles at ‘Camin Bikes’ to discuss his life and career.

This Portrait was produced in collaboration with Südtirol for adidas Journeys./em>

Photography: Frederik Frede
Text: Zsuzsanna Toth