Why We Focus on Developing Countries - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Why We Focus on Developing Countries


Since we’ve been steadily expanding FvF’s international network and community, we thought it makes sense to further evolve our scope and explore different locations that are not typically associated with the international creative world that’s familiar to us. We present a section of stories that highlight inspiring people from areas we haven’t had the chance to fully focus on yet.

As we delve deeper into the actuality of developing countries, we seek to showcase all the positive aspects, fresh ideas and initiatives that promote social and economical growth in those areas. We meet people who are willing to share their stories and introduce us to the microcosms they’ve been building to bring their communities together, salvage their traditions and convey their messages further than land borders. Traveling to countries like Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America, we put the spotlight on projects that need to be heard.


Overall this project allows us to get closer to diverse and inspiring content with insightful personal stories that introduce everyday lifestyles, homes and, neighborhoods in less unexplored places. We aspire to bring forth these stories and shine a new light on certain areas.

So far, we’ve met Sarwaa Utshab Sayed in Bangladesh, a DJ who is not afraid of being different and developing his distinct personality. Then, in Jounieh, we speak to the friendly Mark Aoun, an eco-toursim manager who organizes hiking trips in the surrounding mountains.

Also, make sure to read some of our past portraits from countries such as The Philippines and Peru.

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