Link List #146: West African voodoo, conflicting identities, and the ten best actors of 2019

Link List #146: West African voodoo, conflicting identities, and the 10 best actors of 2019

This week we’ve been reading about the best actors of the past year, the West African religion that’s making a comeback after years of repression, and the London-based photographer questioning the necessity of cultural labels.

Ejatu Shaw
    • One of our favorite articles last year was The New York Times’ profile on Kenyan-Mexican actor Lupita Nyong’o. Produced as part of their 10 best actors of the year series, the piece focuses on Us, the horror-thriller in which Nyong’o’s plays two different roles in one film.
    • The California Sunday Magazine speaks to Grammy-winning director Melina Matsoukas—who has directed music videos for Beyonce and Rihanna—about her Hollywood feature debut, which she hopes will cement her career as a filmmaker.
    • ”I went from being British, to blindly being a Muslim and being Fulani, to then questioning it and asking why should I label myself,” says London-based artist Ejatu Shaw. In this photo essay, the South African magazine Bubblegum Club features a selection of Shaw’s images that explore her experience of conflicting identities.
    • After centuries of repression and misrepresentation, West African voodoo is making a comeback in its home of Benin. Find out more in South China Morning Post.
    • Mel Magazine takes a look at the violent saga between the Mexican cartels who are battling to control high-end products such as limes and avocados.

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