FvF Paperchase - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Paperchase


Annual Work Outing is a very unsexy name for quite a fun day. Instead of spending a regular Friday afternoon at the office with our minds already drifting away to the weekends track, we decided to “work” our way through some of our favorite spots in Berlin Mitte. We started off at the Barn, where Ralf Rülle introduced us to the art of coffee making. Ten of us tasting ten different coffees, turned quickly into a big slurping and munching session or let’s put it this way: a caffeine fueled team building activity.

Full of high-energy we headed to our second stop: the Boros Art Bunker near Friedrichstrasse. Stepping inside the Second World War building, surrounded by thick concrete walls, we found ourselves far away from the outside’s chilled atmosphere of an early Spring day. We got the special opportunity to take part in a guided tour through one of the most astonishing contemporary art collections, with a variety of works from the likes of Olafur Elliason and Anselm. During the GDR the bunker served as a storing room for tropical fruits – yep, you can never learn enough! At Lokal, one of the few German restaurants where you can find great food and a relaxed atmosphere, we whiled away the evening sipping one or two glasses of wine before the memories started to fade …

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