Caroline Drucker - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Caroline Drucker

In a male tech-savvy environment where everything is literally at a click of a button without sounding kitsch, there is Caroline Drucker: a Canadian in Berlin, Partner Marketing Manager at the audio platform SoundCloud. An era were blogs are jam-packed full of the up-to-date stories of ones actions, likes and dislikes, imagining how Caroline lives seems to have taken a different route in our minds; compared to her actual home life. With a love for the hand-made she enjoys kicking back and making her own garments on the sewing machine. Being a fan of post-digital activities while working in one of the biggest technological environments, Caroline can be called a curiosity. It’s interesting to find that she relishes in activities, which need no words and above all no digital gadgets, no interface – just hands and patience. Her home is a distinctive illustration of her many travels and hard work. Living adjacent to where the berlin wall once stood, she can calmly create a barrier between the outside and drift off to ‘’the nether world’’ as she calls it. Moving to Berlin over 10 years ago she was able to make friends, network and absorb this city’s charms to find her own feet. We are really excited to have her, share her experience with us. Caroline will take part in a panel discussion about the special friendship economy of Berlin’s Start-up scene at Next Berlin that takes place on May 8th & 9th.

There is no full written interview available. Please watch the video above to enjoy the interview with Caroline.