FvF Mixtape #81 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #81


Inspired by an ancient bucolic rite, David Dorrell’s music mix fuses sensuality with hedonistic disco and pieces of brief discourses in between.

David’s first contacts with the music world included a Rolling Stones concert at the age of seven and an interview with two Sex Pistols members for his punk fanzine. Nowadays, he is a bi-metropolitan culture junkie spending his time equally between Berlin and London. As CEO of London-based charity Sarabande – the Alexander McQueen Foundation that nurtures fledgling creative talent – and one third of the team behind the newly created one-off event SuperLupercalia, Dorrell maintains that breathing is for wimps and sleep for the dead. In his spare time he is one half of the Biennale-haunting ghost gallery Slayer Pavilion and in a former life was manager of Pet Shop Boys, Bush and UNKLE. He began his career as a writer, fell into promoting illegal clubs, accidentally produced legendary dance hit ‘Pump Up The Volume’ as a member of M/A/R/R/S in the late 80’s and now pursues dreams of permaculture in Brandenburg.

The original Lupercalia was an ancient three day Roman festival that welcomed the Spring and is the source of our modern Valentine’s Day. With its roots in the Greek Lykaia – a holiday that celebrated the great god of the wild, Pan – the original rite would see inebriated high priests running naked through the streets of Rome playfully ‘whipping’ its citizens with leather thongs made from the flayed skin of sacrificed goats. Capturing the spirit of Lupercalia – minus the goat sacrificing – and updating it for today, Dorrell has conjured up an accompanying SuperLupercalia mix that blends Dada-ist disco with fragments of a lovers’ discourse.


In keeping with the mystery school tradition, the mix also provides the key to your chance to win two tickets to the invite-only SuperLupercalia evening in Berlin by naming the band that’s featured on the track ‘Surf’s Up’. Happy mystery-solving!




International Pony – Intro (Angie Reed)
Egoexpress – Aranda
Earth Wind & Fire – Drum Song
M.Rux – Surf’s Up (M.Rux/Fog Puma edit)
Prince – The Plan
Deee-Lite – What is Love? (Frenchapella)
Leon Haywood – I Want’a Do Something to You
Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
Letta Mbulu – West Wind
The Seeds – 900 Million People Daily Making Love
Miracle Fortress – Maybe Lately
Egon Elliut – Western Drive
Mama Cass – California Earthquake
Robert Wyatt – At Last I am Free
1 minute silence
Lemon Jelly – Soft

David, thanks for this amazing mix!

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David’s SuperLupercalia evening is coming up on the 27th of February in Berlin and we’re giving away two tickets for the event – head over to our Facebook page take part in the raffle.