FvF Mixtape #82 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #82


When they’re not busy making their own music, Nils, David and Daniel, better known as “Pool,” hang out in their shared Hamburg apartment and delve into endless mixing. That’s when the past meets the future and psychedelic Synth Pop clashes with all-time Rock classics.

At age 13, three schoolmates, David Stoltzenberg, Nils Hansen and Daniel Husten, decided to start a band playing guitar, bass and drums. Over the past few years, they’ve managed to evolve and amass a wide following – hysterically screaming fan girls are no rare phenomenon anymore, when the three of them show up on stage. However, the freshmen from Hamburg stick to very basic equipment and a laid-back attitude. Their funky distinct sound, jumping back and forth between indie and pop, has led to sharing the stage with renowned bands like The 1975, Digitalism and Gold Panda. But when recalling the most exceptional compliment they ever got, they think of a drunken Russian in the audience, who intended to “buy” the whole band after a gig.

As newcomers in the internet era of music, they enjoy the growing possibility of experimentation and openness that’s inherent in this world. While their curiosity for different musical styles stays strong, they have also become more and more confident in their own sound – their debut album is in its final throes. Even though they are aware of all the competition out there, they’ve kept their teenage insouciance. Above all, their mix for FvF is meant for providing one thing more than anything else: “some good vibes.”


1. D’Angelo & The Vanguard – Really Love
2. The Rolling Stones – Miss You
3. Jungle – Platoon
4. Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)
5. Laid Back – Fly Away (Poolside Edit)
6. Phoenix – Lisztomania [Classixx Version]
7. Woman – Psychedelic Lover
8. Chromatics – Lady
9. Oceaán – Veritas
10. Caribou – Back Home
11. Arcade Fire – Here Comes The Nighttime II
12. Rhye – 3 Days



Stay tuned for Pool’s first solo tour, which will kick off at Berghain in Berlin on the 20th of April! Listen to their own music here.

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