FvF Mixtape #72

Our latest mixtape has been created by Italian born producer and artist, Giovanni Civitenga. Destined to be involved in music, Gio’s father played the bass for Ennio Morricone’s orchestra and worked as a studio guitarist on numerous Italian records. After being given a sampler and an Atari at a young age, he was drawn to hip hop and his experiments with beatmaking began. During time spent living in Barcelona, he studied Interactive Design and got involved in the field of audiovisual art which led to a range of audiovisual collaborations.FvF_mixtape-cover-02-02Now living in Berlin, he has released music under the alias My Dry Wet Mess on Daedelus’ Magical Properties and Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder. His forthcoming EP entitled ‘Laptop Lapdance’ will be released on the UK label Fine Grains and will coincide with the launch of Gio’s own imprint Skyapnea Records. The first release on the label will be a cassette by electroacoustic duo ‘One For Ghost’ – a collaboration between Gio and viola player Doreen Ooi. This mix was assembled as a declaration of intention for his newborn label Skyapnea Records – an attempt to show the eclectic taste behind the label and the sonic aesthetic that will inevitably define its catalogue. We hope you enjoy these textured sonic musings.


1. J.D. Emmanuel Part 2 – Prayer
2. Antony Braxton – 04-jmk-80-cfn-7
3. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – We Dream Free
4. Jan Jelinek – Western Mimikry
5. M’Boom – Jihad Es Mort
6. Savath & Savalas – Slabulas
7. To Rococo Rot – Prado
8. Giuseppe Ielasi – Untitled (Aix / trk.3 )
9. Flying Lotus – Between Villains (ft. Captain murphy,Viktor Vaugh, Earl Sweatshirt)
10. Tape – Exuma
11. James Holden – The Caterpillar’s Intervention
12. My Dry Wet Mess – Glue And The Love in It
13. Dictaphone – The Frame (1-94-1)
14. One For Ghost – A01 (Archives Vol.01)
15. Motion – Tones Of White
16. Manuella Blackburn – Switched On
17. Lee Gamble – 3,4 Synthetics
18. Ben Frost – Leo Needs a New Pair Of Shoes
19. Jonny Greenwood – Convergence
20. David Silvian – Blemish