FvF Mixtape #56 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #56


DJ Kaos is an authentic kid of Berlin – growing up, and still living, in the former West of the city, he was in contact with new music from a young age through American radio stations that were established to entertain the Allied forces in the German capital at the time.Freunde-von-Freunden-Mixtape-Kaos-56-landscapeIncreasingly, Kaos immersed himself in the rising club scene and discovered electronic dance music through artists from Detroit like Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, and Derrick May. Today, he performs across the globe, from Stockholm to Shanghai, uniting his disco influenced past with a contemporary approach to his characteristic sets.For the FvF Mixtape #56, DJ Kaos was so kind to provide us with his set at Haze Club in Beijing a couple of months ago, that includes exclusive promo only tracks as well as his own productions. Enjoy!Download the FvF iPad Magazine to check out the FvF portrait with DJ Kaos here.


Unknown Artist – Promo Only
Dr. Beat – Acid Water
Richard from Milwaukee – Free Love (Dr. Dunks Mix)
Split Secs – Screamer
The Backwoods – Breakthrough (DJ Kaos Remix)
Tiago – Soul Jam
DJ Kaos – Horny Morning Loop (Dr. Dunks Mix)
DJ Kaos – Love the Night Away
Unknown Artist – Promo Only Remix