FvF Mixtape #21 - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #21

With Spring’s arrival, the warm weather in New York City has us thinking of summer and travel. For this mix our friend and New York FvF editor Chris Ambrose combines songs of summer, New York, travel and late-night stories.Chris leads the way: “Beginning with Aidan Moffat’s Scottish mumble and ‘Girls of Summer’, the multiple change-ups in the song make you stir crazy, drunk with desire and raging into the night. From here we drive with the top down through Jersey, Baltimore, Snake Mountain and down into Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana. Heading West, we slow down a few times and hit some honky-tonks, drink whiskey, get into some trouble and chat it up with ladies of a certain age.”Enjoy the first part of this on-the-road soundtrack and expect more adventure in the second leg of the tour.

1.Time to Pretend – The Divine Comedy
2.Girls Of Summer – Arab Strap
3.New York State Of Mind – Billy Joel
4.Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival
5.I Just Can’t Take It Anymore – The Lemonheads
6.Ooh Las Vegas – Gram Parsons
7.Snake Mountain Blues – Townes Van Zandt
8.The Only Road – Richard Hawley
9.Making Believe – Social Distortion
10.I’m On Fire – Electrelane
11.I Walk Alone – Music Go Music
12.Leader Of The Pack – The Shangri-Las
13.Feelin’ Single – Seein’ Double – Emmylou Harris
14.Be My Baby – The Ronettes
15.Reach Out – Music Go Music
16.Sweet Child Of Mine – Luna
17.Oscar Brown – Baxter Dury