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Link List #48: Award-winning photography, notes on a scandal, and gender balance in tech


Bringing you our favorite online stories from the past week. We discover the best in photography, read revelations in the wake of a scandal, and question gender balance in tech. It’s all here.

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    • 1 We were delighted to see Mustafah Abdulaziz’s series on our most precious resource, water, in Dazed’s top 10 photo series of the month. The global entries include photos chronicling the impact of fracking, American train “travelers” and female self-image.
    • 2 This week, The Guardian zones in on one revelation among hundreds spawned from the leaking of the Panama papers. The scandal involves the record-breaking Ganz auction, previously considered a pivotal moment in the development of the art market.
    • 3 Photographer Meg Griffiths has captured Cuba in all its kitsch glory in a series that has been made into a book. Casa de fruta y pan steps inside the homes of those willing to open their doors to her in a pre-Airbnb age. Find out more in Medium’s Q&A with Meg.
    • 4 A recent study revealed that the tech industry is made up of 92.8% men, despite protestations to the contrary by leading figures. Hanna Price’s photographic series looks at those on the fringes of the techie model. Read about it on The Guardian.
    • 5 In the wake of architect Zaha Hadid’s passing, Frieze commemorate her contribution to the practice.
    • 6 From the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake to the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, Daniel Berehulak has been bringing devastating scenes from the frontline to public consciousness over the past 12 months. The National Press Photographers Association has named him Photojournalist of the Year, see images from his incredible portfolio on The New York Times.

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