Johanna-Maria Fritz joins forces with Ostkreuz students for charity print sale of her work in Afghanistan 

J.M. Fritz has joined forces with the photo editor class of the Ostkreuz School of Photography to launch a captivating print sale derived from her work during her travels to Afghanistan. Whether you’re hunting for a meaningful gift or hoping to spruce up your home office during these chilly months, you’re in luck-the print sale is live until the fifth of December and every composition is something truly special.

Interior of the Hindus’ residential complex in Kabul, August 2017, Afghanistan, Asia
Sink in front of the Hindu temple in the Kabul residential complex, August 2017, Afghanistan, Asia

The moments she captures on camera are intimate, colorful, often buoyant, and emphasize the beauty in cultural connection. The ten prints which have been selected by a group of photo editing Students of the Ostkreuz School of Photography for this sale are wholly reflective of J.M. Fritz’s passion for paying homage to the disempowered. 

J.M. Fritz has travelled extensively to the Middleeast to capture its diverse culture and people, and has personally connected with many locals, and as such the students of the Ostkreuz School of Photography have organized for all proceeds from this sale to be donated to the Afghan Women’s Association. To place your order for the print and contribute to a very worthy organization, or for further information on the project, follow this link.

Nematullah “Qumandan Landai” in front of his house in the Pandschir Valley, Afghanistan March 2021.
Many families use small solar cells in Helmand IDP Camp to generate electricity. 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan, Asia
July 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan, Asia
Women’s garden. July 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan, Asia
The women’s team of Kabul FC during the victory ceremony of the league game, stage of the AFF in Kabul, August 2017, Afghanistan, Asia

J.M. Fritz, represented by the Ostkreuz Agency, is based between Berlin and the Middleeast; her work centres around the marginalized, the disadvantaged and the forgotten. Her notable and highly acclaimed long-term project Like a Bird focuses on the circus culture in Islamic states. 

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