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Ana Corrigan on clay, cooking, and staying inspired


Los Angeles-based artist Analuisa Corrigan shares her motivation for working with clay, the thrills of serving food out of her ceramic bowls, and her thoughts on the connection between inspiration and mental health.

  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the beginning of your journey as an artist?

    I’m still relatively new to working with clay. It’s been about three years since I was first introduced to it. I studied graphic design for years but working on a screen was frustrating for me. Being able to execute my ideas through a tangible, beautiful, and complicated material just made sense. 

  • What part of the process makes you most confident?

    I like to assume that every artist experiences a cocktail of imposter syndrome and crippling self-doubt mixed with peaks of confidence, fulfillment and inspiration. Even the technical aspect of working with ceramic material is a toss-up because you’re dealing with organic materials and extremely high temperatures.

  • Are there any running narratives or themes in your work?

    Themes of fragility and the desire for balance seem to remain constant throughout my work. I also like to just make shapes that I respond to, or that I think people will enjoy in their homes. I try to not take it too seriously all the time.

  • When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do?

    I realized I wanted to work with ceramics after graduating college and feeling unsatisfied with other mediums (paint and printed matter). I had always considered sculptural work to be an unreachable level of craftsmanship. Once I put that wall down for myself I was much happier.

  • When are you most inspired? 

    I’m most inspired when I’m giving myself the time and space I need to feel clear headed and when I prioritize my mental health and well-being.

  • We see you love to cook, and your creations look quite delicious! What draws you to cooking and does it give you the same feeling that pottery does? What’s your favorite recipe? Which dishes do you love cooking the most?

    Both of my parents cooked a lot and I always admired the way they brought friends and family together through food. I’ve also dealt with health issues which resulted in me having to rely on changing my diet and giving my body what it needs to function properly and heal—It’s really become a form of self care for me. Nothing makes me happier than feeding someone food that I’ve cooked out of a ceramic bowl that I’ve made. My favorite dish to make is simple beans and rice.

  • Do you have a favorite series that you’ve created? 

    Zen Garden Radio was my first solo show and was a collection of pieces that meant a lot to me. They were all made during quarantine, during a really difficult time for me, mentally. I felt very excited and vulnerable exhibiting those pieces. 

  • What’s the one thing you’ve learned from being an artist?

    Fake it ’til you make it.

  • What inspires you the most? 

    Studying the works of artists that came before me. There are too many to name!

  • Any tools or styles that you’d like to experiment with?

    I’d love to work with wood and metal. I have so many ideas that bleed into furniture design and fabrication.

Analuisa Corrigan is an artist working between Los Angeles and New York. Her portfolio includes different mediums—such as clay, paint, and printed matter—and explores themes of material fragility and integrity, as well as the interlacing of process and time. To learn more about her work visit her website or follow her on Instagram. Analuisa Corrigan’s work was brought to us by Friends of Friends’ long-standing contributor, and like-minded friend, Cody James.

Text: Claudia Conrad
Photography: Cody James