Companion Magazine #7: A fresh guide to Europe's creative hubs by 25hours Hotels - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Companion Magazine #7: A fresh guide to Europe’s creative hubs by 25hours Hotels


Issue 7 of Companion magazine is full of culinary adventures, a cross-continental feast for the foodies among you.

The latest issue spans the board, from tips on sustainable grocery shopping in Vienna, a journey of discovery through Frankfurt with gastronomy entrepreneur James Ardinast to a chat with Syrian chef Hadi Nsreeny. The less epicurean-inclined can also find the best of art and culture in Europe’s most exciting destinations—from Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg to Vienna and Zurich—a summer-ready swimming pool guide, and pro-surfer Kassia Meador’s favorite places to hit the waves.

Here’s a highlight of the stories available in this issue:

James Ardinast has been shaking up the restaurant scene in his native Frankfurt for the past 15 years. Unafraid of mixing culinary styles and incorporating influences from his Israeli-American background, his gastronomic ventures, which include Deli Delux and Chez Ima, have been runaway successes. We couldn’t have wished for a better guide to take us on a culinary tour of Germany’s business capital.

In a time when the future of our planet is in jeopardy, packaging-free supermarkets provide a logical step in the right direction. Sustainability has always been a priority for Andrea Lunzer, the founder of Maß-Greißlerei, Austria’s first entirely package-free supermarket. With its natural lighting and seasonal organic produce, it’s novel approach typifies Vienna’s strong direction in urban production.

In the space of just a year Syrian Hadi Nsreeny has gone from a web designer and amateur cook to veritable chef in Berlin. We met the 26-year-old in his adopted city to sample the delights of his native cuisine and learn about startup “Über den Tellerand,” a cultural exchange that helps refugees to integrate through a culinary program including cookbooks, cooking courses and cooperations with local restaurants, hotels and markets.

A look inside

Behind the Scenes

Stay tuned for Hadi’s contribution to our FvF Cooks series, and other creative minds featured in this issue. And make sure to read the original interview with Andrea Lunzer in our Vienna Urban Production feature.

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Text:Maddy Tickner
Photographers: Robert Rieger, Alina Emrich, Philip Forstner