WAA Podcast celebrates their journey to inspire the female leaders of the future - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)


WAA Podcast celebrates their journey to inspire the female leaders of the future

In our Events series, we want to provide a sneak peak into the aura of the open evening through visuals, audio, and quotation.


As a commemoration of reaching their two year benchmark, host Daria Suvorova, invited listeners and former guests to connect and share their inspiration and tips on pursuing their careers.

Nibbles and drinks in the Friends Space, were accompanied b a panel discussion with Andrea Fernandez (Co-Founder, Vitamin), Friederike Trudzinski  (Editor-in-Chief, Emotion) , Laura Simonow (Founder, This Place) , Chanyu Xu (Founder, Her One) and, Johanna Keimeyer (Multimedia artist) on the topic of financial independence.

Changyu Xu, founder of Her One, on maintaining  boundaries between her personal life and her business ventures.

Taken from Episode 31, ‘Gut microflora & female wellness with Chanyu Xu’.


“For me financial wellness first and foremost means investing into lifelong learning. By investing into your own growth and education you can have a more financially sustainable future. It can become one of the best investments you will make in your lifetime. So cheers to knowledge and life-long learning!”

Daria Suvorova

Erin Grueber, leader of the Startups Team for Google in the DACH region, on how to get started in the job market.

Taken from Episode 19, ‘The power of persuasion with Erin Grueber.

“For women to work together it means, sharing knowledge, learnings and connections. One of the reasons the Women Authors of Achievement podcast is here today is because over sixty women said yes when I asked them to join me in the studio, and those sixty replies made so much possible of what we see today. I am deeply grateful for that. Collaboration creates a way bigger impact than competition. By collaborating you build a team, group, and a loyal community. If you are competing you are a lonely wolf.”

Daria Suvorova

Monika Jiang, head of  content and community at the House of Beautiful Business, on her drive to make business more ethical.

Taken from Episode 13, ‘Infusing beauty into your business with Monika Jiang‘.

“For me it’s all about the trust and connection with my guest. It’s a very magical moment, when I sit in the studio, I brief the person in front of me, press record and we have a fulfilling, uninterrupted conversation. It’s not a chat at a dinner, it’s not a small talk at an event, it’s an intentional and deep conversation. I get goosebumps from hearing some of the stories’ guests share on the podcast.”

Daria Suvorova


The Women Authors of Achievement is a podcast hosted by Daria Suvorova. As an interview series, each episode is dedicated to exploring a female leader and their journey to success—from their musingsto their mistakes and learnings;  igniting the spark of entrepreneurial spirit in its female listeners.

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Interview and text: Isabelle Moulding

Images courtesy of:  Anna Härlin and Alexandra Meister

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