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A Song For You: The power of many voices becoming one

In our Events series, we want to provide a sneak peak into the aura of a live performance through visuals, audio, and quotation.

A Song For You is an ensemble and vocalist project based in Berlin. The choir consists of thirty to fifty singers and a revolving band. The project was created with a desire to amplify the underrepresented voices of the soul and hip-hop scene in the city.

Rendition of Heal the World  by D.$ahin

This project is giving the space for people to be themselves and for all of us to become not just friends, but a family. This is what you will see on stage—you will feel at home and accepted.

Salomé Stresing

A community is a breeding place for collaboration. It’s a space to connect, play, discover yourself and others, and support one another. So many beautiful things can be created when we step outside of our individualism and act for and with one another.


The meaning of our songs are very uplifting, they almost feel like a mantra or an affirmation towards a more positive mindset.

Ahmed Zou

Without a sense of belonging and collaboration I personally feel that making music would become a mechanical act. Everybody can put chords together. But magic happens in a place where there is trust within a community, whether on stage with a few musicians, or as a bigger group. In a community one can find trust, inspiration and a sense of ones place in this world. We need each other.


The sound of our voices blending and the sonic resonance permeating my body feels like we are creating and impacting something far greater than just the people watching.

Emma Dow

Performing live always means going into a conversation with the audience. It adds to the art and transforms it.”

Stephanie Ilova

Dália Merečinskaitė aka Red Bird on performing live.

When we sing– I feel soul, I feel warmth, I feel powerful.

Having a collective oneness spirit is a rare experience we often don’t get to partake in. It’s not a job or something forced,  it’s a group of people genuinely willing to be here and create sound together.

Noah Slee

Vocal performance by Sidney Kwadjo Frenz aka FAYIM.

A Song For You is an ensemble based in Berlin, founded by Noah Slee and Dhanesh Jayaselan. At the heart of the project lies community and collaboration, as vocalists, dancers, and musicians come together through their love for rhythm and melody. The images have been taken from their debut performance in the Friends Space. 

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Interview and Text: Isabelle Moulding

Photography courtesy of Daniel Willis

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