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Netflix’s new documentary series has an eye for design


At FvF we’ve always known how design touches every aspect of our lives—from the clothes that we wear, to the things we use, buildings we live and work in and even the food we eat. And Netflix’s latest documentary series, Abstract is focused on just that.

Examining design from all angles through the lense of different disciplines: architecture, graphic design, photography, stage design and more, Abstract seeks to give voice to the things that can’t speak, yet are communicating with us constantly. The series debuts on January 21 at the Sundance Film Festival, but everyone (with a Netflix account) can hear from their roster of designers on February 10. If you can’t wait for your design fix, be sure to check out our portrait of illustrator Christoph Niemann, who will be one of the creatives featured in Abstract.

Abstract will be ready for your binge-watching pleasure on February 10 on Netflix. Until then, check out some of FvF’s design stories here.

If you’re still thirsting for some design inspiration, check out our collaboration with OTHR here.

Text: Kevin Chow