Link List #62: Spirit cooking with Marina Abramović, Machiavelli’s advice for nice guys, and why John Berger is more important than ever

If you’ve considered serving your dinner guests meteorite for their main, wondered how to combat conservatism or are missing John Berger already (we certainly are), this list has you sorted: here are the websites we’ve been hitting this week.

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    • 1 If you didn’t get embroiled in Marina Abramović’s last scandalous dinner: it’s time to host your own! The performance artist’s Spirit Cooking recipe is featured in The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook—anOther tells us all about the publication centered around contemporary creatives and controversial cuisine.
    • 2 Artists and celebrities call for a month of anti-Trump resistance in a powerful NYT advertisement. Read about how they’re combatting the conservatism of the American president elect via i-D.
    • 3 Matteo Ermeti has created a website that allows you to visit the vast landscape of Iceland without taking a single step out your door. Find it at
    • 4 In 1972 John Berger analyzed the female figure in art and advertising. This piece from Dazed shows why in a world obsessed with image (hell, we got an office selfie stick the other day), his words are more pertinent than ever.
    • 5 We frequently eschew Machiavelli as cunning, but the advice put forth by the 16th century Florentine political thinker in The Prince is actually pretty powerful for nice guys. Alain de Botton discusses the way the book proposes how to be effective, and good, in the latest piece on The Book of Life.

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Text:Rosie Flanagan

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