Jörg Brüggemann captures the spirit of politics in 2017

Jörg Brüggemann captures the spirit of politics in 2017

In the utterly bananas world of 2017 politics, photographer Jörg Brüggeman is creating a visual language out of Germany’s electoral campaigns. Commissioned by Cicero, Jörg shot the electoral campaigns in the two German federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein. The images anticipate September’s Bundestag election, in which the SPD’s Martin Schulz and CDU’s Angela Merkel will compete for the Chancellorship. As Jörg says, “I have always been interested in how politics, the public, and the media relate to each other. Politicians try to create and control their public image. I believe photographers have the obligation to question this. In a time of fake news and disenchantment with politics, we need different and independent views on how politics work. My aim with this work was to reflect these relationships.”

We’ll soon be speaking to Jörg about photojournalism, the importance of an ethical code, and the secrets of the German autobahn. Stay tuned on FvF.

See more from Jörg Brüggemann on his website.

Text: Siobhan Leddy
Images: Courtesy of Jörg Brüggemann/Cicero

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