Christian Awe - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Christian Awe


Berliner Christian Awe’s creative body of work wasn’t always exactly legal. Like any graffiti artist, the cover of night was a steady companion.

Today, the former sprayer creates the majority of his paintings in a very different setting – his bright rooftop studio in Berlin. Vivid works on canvas dominate his output, but he’s still occasionally able to return to walls – as seen on the mural he executed on a 500sqm building façade in Berlin’s Lichtenberg neighborhood.

Combining expressive and figurative forms, Christian’s approach is hands on. Spraying, dousing, and splashing his canvases with paint than raising them from the floor to the wall, even as the paint is still wet, creates a unique background for the subsequent steps in his process, which often involves scraping, peeling, or rubbing at the surface of the work. Often inspired by music, there is a discernible rhythm in the works, speaking to Christian’s considered yet experimental approach.