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Inside Sissi and Pat’s closet: How a rare Vivienne Westwood crown found its way into their collection


Sissi Pohle and Pat Scherzer epitomize how the clothes we wear, and objects we hold can be used to express the depths of our personalities. Their shared wardrobe is a mix and match of patterns, knits, eras, and prices. Every outfit is a distinct and carefully curated composition that conveys care and admiration for the individual pieces that constitute it—their color, texture, and history.

The stylish couple describe their brand, as “a young love story with a heart full of vintage and rock’n’roll.” The two, who are pretty much as in love with each other as they are with fashion, decided to open outofuseberlin—an online shop with pop-up stores around the globe—where they thoughtfully curate unique vintage pieces and make them available for everyone. Together, they are on a mission to share their passion for reinvention and the creative possibilities within second-hand clothes. 

On this occasion, Sissi and Pat talked to us about how a rare Vivienne Westwood fabric crown found its way from the market into their personal collection, and why it is a staple both in fashion history and in their journey with clothes.

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outofuseberlin meticulously curates a selection of vintage clothing with a rock ‘n’ roll flair.
Each look is crafted through a distinct selection of colors, textures and patterns.

“We both have always loved to search for vintage treasures at different markets to add some character to our closets or home. For us, it was not enough to go to normal stores to buy mass-produced pieces. We were looking for something special with a story behind it and we found out really fast that we are not the only ones who feel like this. For us, a dream came true to provide our community with the beauties of our travels around Europe and share the history and stories behind every piece. Always with the greatest ambition to bring back a handpicked selection of vintage items which will last forever. “

“For us, it was clear that we would love to find a professional way into the world of independent fashion. outofuseberlin was born and was very successful from the beginning. Together we have the opportunity to work on many creative projects around our vintage collections. With all the passion that we carry inside us, we can live out our dream day after day and we have to say that this is a true gift.”

“Over time, also by growing up, you get to know yourself better. You appreciate good fabrics and materials and focus on pieces that you can combine again and again. Since the early beginning of our relationship, we share one closet. It has never been important to us to separate fashion by gender. Together we have a very varied look, which is also strengthened by many points. On the one hand, our look is very childish, because we can get involved in many things and combinations arise that are not well thought out. Moreover, we are not guided by trends but discover clothes through their history or the passion they awaken in us. You can really say that we have great fun dressing and rediscovering ourselves. This rediscovering  process is ongoing for us, mixed with knowing what cuts and colors we feel comfortable in.”

Sissi and Pat, founders of outofuseberlin, capture their intimate relationship and the essence of their style through their brand.
They find joy by constantly reinventing themselves and sharing their creative journey through their online store and pop-up shops.

“We have a fabric crown by Vivienne Westwood from one of her early collections that came into our possession through an exciting opportunity. This particular piece is almost never found on the market and is from her Autumn Winter 87/88 Ready to Wear collection.”

“The crown is designed to be worn outside as a beanie in the cold season. Its upper section is made of wool and the inside is covered with a shiny, royal graceful fabric – the unique Vivienne Westwood logo is striking.”

“We received it without seeing it in advance, as part of a large selection of design pieces from a private estate clearance. Among them, besides the crown, were other very admirable pieces from Westwood’s first collection together with Malcolm McLaren. But the opulent fabric crown was the highlight of our day. Since we also deal with the early collections of Westwood, we knew that this accessory was made to be shown only on the runway. We did not hesitate for a second to buy this rare piece.”

Sissi and Pat acquired this rare Vivienne Westwood fabric crown from an estate clearance. This significant piece from her early collections holds a special place for them due to its unique design and historical value.

“Due to their fabric composition, we keep special as well as delicate pieces in airtight unpacking to protect them from insects such as moths or environmental influences. We have some pieces that have an important meaning for us and our work and we like to protect them. The crown has made it to several fashion weeks and you could say it has seen the world. We also use it from time to time for productions that allow us to incorporate our vintage pieces. And when we don’t wear it for a while, we are happy to look at it regularly and learn new things about the collection.”

“We love to follow the journey of different designers who have influenced culture with their work. For our personal style, the collections of Vivienne Westwood and her collaboration with the Sex Pistols were a defining event and one of the reasons why we have developed so much love and affection for fashion.”

“It makes us very happy to have such a special piece in our belongings.”

Sissi and Pat are the Bavaria-based couple behind outofuseberlin—a brand, online shop, and pop store curating vintage and unique treasures. Follow their incredible style and news here.

Make sure to visit their upcoming pop-up in Berlin on July 1st and 2nd, 2023 at Pappelallee 7, 10437. The pop-up marks the reopening of their shop and showcases exceptional vintage finds.

Images courtesy of outofuseberlin