Meet Companion Magazine, a New Way to Explore FvF's Berlin - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Meet Companion Magazine, a New Way to Explore FvF’s Berlin


To celebrate the opening of the 25h Hotel Bikini Berlin we have been asked to produce a unique A3-size magazine called Companion that will guide hotel guests through Berlin with the help of our trusted local network of creatives. Companion is our chance to take a closer look at our home city while discovering new insights along the way.


Calling on our wide network of friends in the city (including those you’ll know from our online magazine), Companion presents local neighborhood spots and places of escape, home and studio interviews with a range of creatives who call the city home as well as digestible tips for when you’re on the go. Hear from Paris Bar founder, Michel Würthle about his Kiez’s gentrificaion, for example, or from Werner Aisslinger about what constitutes good design. Spend a day in Berlin following the suggestions of Newsletter Cee Cee or a night on the town thanks to Pierre and Matze from Mit Vergnügen .


25hours, our partner for this venture, is a novel hotel concept that seeks contemporary answers to the needs of an urban and cosmopolitan audience. Companion answers many of these needs with its rich imagery and Freunde von Freunden-style portraits, all literally now at your fingertips in newspaper form. We a thrilled to have been asked to bring our style from digital to print, happy always no matter what the medium to share stories from our diverse team.


In order to add a digital component to Companion and to grant our online readers access to these stories, we will be sharing the magazine’s portraits in expanded versions – with extra insights and images – over the coming weeks.  The printed publication can be found at 25h Hotel Berlin and other 25h Hotel branches as of the end of this month. Watch this spot and the blog to make sure you catch all of our Berlin favorites and to hear more about our next issue in the series, currently in the works.