Link List #129: Harvard Art Museums, anime-inspired sneakers, and surfing in the age of Instagram

Link List #129: Harvard Art Museums, anime-inspired sneakers, and surfing in the age of Instagram

This week we’ve been reading about Harvard Art Museums’ initiative which seeks to expose the artworld’s problematic past, the new kicks designed by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami, and the British drag collective that have sparked controversial discussions about disabled art during their North American tour.

Performer in Drag Syndrome. Courtesy: Drag Syndrome; photograph: Damien Frost
    • While surfing may have once been a solitary practice, documentation service Surfline Sessions uses state-of-the-art technology to capture footage for surfers to upload straight to their Instagrams. Find out more on The New Yorker.
    • In this article, The Boston Globe takes a look at the new Harvard Art Museums initiative to call out the art world’s racist and sexist history by rewriting artwork labels, and reconsidering the placement and organization of paintings.
    • Artnet introduces us to the brand new sneakers designed by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. Taking inspiration from anime and some of Japan’s most revered robot heroes, the shoes feature removable porter bags that have been dubbed “the cargo shorts of the footwear world.”
    • Drag Syndrome is a British drag collective composed of artists with Down Syndrome. On their recent tour to North America, their show in Michigan was canceled by a Republican Congress Candidate who referred to the performers as “special souls” who need to be “protected.” Find out more on Frieze.
    • “Enid Blyton had racist views, but I still read her,” says The Guardian writer Sian Cain. In this article, she proposes that we shouldn’t consign past authors to the scrapheap because of their problematic opinions.
    • Kicking off next Wednesday, Berlin Art Week is a highlight of the German capital’s contemporary art calendar. Head over to their website to check out the program, or to have a read of their magazine which includes articles ranging from artist interviews to essays on how art can transcend borders.

Hopefully you enjoyed the reads from this week’s Link List, but if you’ve still got an internet itch to scratch, you can find more here.

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