FvF Mixtape #123: Joyce Muniz - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #123: Joyce Muniz


Electronic musician and singer Joyce Muniz reconciles the worlds of non-electronic music and club music—while also acknowledging her Brazilian heritage and love for her hometown of Vienna.

Born in São Paulo, but raised in Vienna, Joyce has established herself within the international house and techno scene. Known for her tracks with a tech house sensibility, often punctuated by collaborations with singers from across the genres. In the mixtape she created for FvF she showcases her style of DJ’ing, leaning more heavily on her knowledge of minimal beats with serious boogie. It’s a mix that would be best enjoyed on a warm day with friends, or as the sun rises, closing out a long evening. She’s got an impeccable sense of how to create grooves that seemingly have no end but build into exciting peaks. Read on for some insights into her approach to music and why Vienna will always be her home.


    • 1 Joyce Muniz – Wake Beside You Feat Christa Vi (Martin Waslewski Remix)
    • 2 Maya Jane Coles – Round In Circles
    • 3 TYOMA – HAZE (youANDme Dub Remix)
    • 4 Atnarko – Every Step Just (Jason Remix)
    • 5 Guti x Morgan – This Must Be The Future (Dan Ghenacia and Chris Carrier Remix)
    • 6 Declan Canning – Can´t Complain
    • 7 Kotelett & Zadak – Panotica
    • 8 Audiojack – Senses (dubspeeka remix)
    • 9 DJ Hell – Guede – (Joyce Muniz Remix)
    • 10 Jose Vizcaino – Childish Gal
    • 11 Sampha – (No-One Knows Me) Like The Piano (Ben Gomori’s Minor Edit)

“Music has no borders. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Where you are is home.”

  • You’ve always been collaborating with singers as a part of your music making process—something not so characteristic of techno producers these days. Why is that such an integral part of your process?

    I have a broad musical background. Working with singers always felt natural to me. Sometimes it’s great to produce underground dance tunes. But specially for my album MADE IN VIENNA I wanted to work with people I met on the road. Most of the singers come from totally different genres—indie, disco, hip hop.

  • Where does the name for your full album MADE IN VIENNA come from?

    I’m not originally from Vienna—I was born in Brazil, raised in Vienna. I wanted to do something that got that point across. Everyone I worked with on the album is from a different country. At the end of the day, the goal was to say to people that music has no borders. It doesn’t matter where you come from. Where you are is home. But at the same time I wanted to pay homage to the city, Vienna, where I’ve spent most of my life.

  • How do you define your personal music style?

    I guess it’s a mix of all things I listened to since I was buying my first records. The first records I bought were drum’n’bass, dope beats and house tunes. I tried to mix it all together. You can hear some of those sounds in my productions. For me it’s all about the groove. I love bass and grooves—if that works the rest for me is easy and YES – sometimes I like to spice it up with vocals.

  • How do your identities as both a Brazilian and Austrian collide in your music?

    I definitely have the Brazilian groove in my music. Austria (mainly Vienna) is known for the downtempo grooves. I like to mix both worlds into my music and this makes up part of my style.

  • How did you select the tracks that you did for this playlist?

    It’s a mix of tracks from friends—stuff I would like to play on a sunny afternoon.

If you like what you’re listening to, Joyce regularly spins in Vienna and at international clubs around the world. You can check out her tour dates on her Facebook. Can’t make it out to Vienna? You can find more mixes and stay up to date on her releases on her Soundcloud.

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Text: Kevin Chow