Historic yet nuanced penthouse towering above the sights of Berlin - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Historic yet nuanced penthouse towering above the sights of Berlin

5 rooms
3 bathrooms
229 m² approx living space
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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the center of Berlin lies the Palais Theising, a building that has lived many lives. Built in 1889, the neoclassical facade of the building dazzles passers-by with its ancient significance; it is within this time-capsule of a building, contradictory to its historic exterior, where  a modern penthouse apartment sits, equipped with a stunning view above the roofs of Berlin.

The architectural design of this apartment makes it feel even larger, from its open-plan layout to the array of windows that align its walls, brightening and expanding the space. The interior consists of a sweeping living room, a hallway entrance, a dining area and fitted kitchen, as well as two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Along with the rooms of the apartment, the flat also comes with two rooms for storage and a parking space. Encompassing the apartment is a 60 m2 roof terrace with an outdoor lounge and table, perfect for entertaining and gazing down above the commotion of Behrenstraße. The maze-like structure of the house provides an immersive experience as you traipse from door to door, discovering each eccentric room at a time. 

The location of this apartment is at the apex of city life  in Berlin. The flat is conveniently connected to Friedrichstraße, a hub for shopping and luxury boutiques and markets such as Gendarmenmarkt. Within the surrounding area of the apartment, there is a diverse amount of restaurants, bars, and cafes. An escape from the urban city is also easily possible, with the spree and Tiergarten at your doorstep. The paradoxical nature of this penthouse in Palais Theising is both modern and archaic.Located at the intersection of Berlin’s urban and green spaces, it is imbued with charm and splendour.