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An architectural marvel at the heart of Berlin

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Located at the heart of Berlin’s prestigious Mitte brorough stands an architectural jewel redefining luxurious living—the townhouse designed by the Grüntuch Ernst architects. This five-story masterpiece was completed in 2008, and serves as a testament both to Berlin’s illustrious past, and and its promising future.

Read more about the architects behind the Townhouse, Armand Grüntuch and Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, in our interview with them here.

The exterior of the townhouse is adorned with a glazed facade of glass and stainless steel, while the slenderness of the structures are accentuated through a single-flight staircase situated at the center of the design. With natural light permeating from two cardinal points, each floor highlights the exceptional ceiling height of the building. The building also consists of three balconies on each level, offering fresh air and serene views of the surrounding area, including the iconic Berlin Fernsehturm. An incredible rooftop terrace provides a panoramic view of the city.

A step inside reveals various other design elements that encapsulate sophistication and functionality. The interior is finished with premium materials, including satin natural stone and walnut flooring, evoking a sense of refinement. At the heart of the home lies a fully equipped kitchen, designed by Boffi and furnished with Miele appliances.

Beyond the walls of the house itself, the location stands as an equally remarkable feature. The townhouse is situated in the Friedrichsweder area, a neighborhood that has undergone a remarkable transformation since 2005 to become one of Berlin’s most prestigious locations. The area also provides excellent amenities, making it a prime choice for those seeking a vibrant urban lifestyle.