In Bolivia, Mixtura keeps cultural values alive - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

In Bolivia, Mixtura keeps cultural values alive


How can confetti be equated to financial currency? We traveled to El Alto in Bolivia to find out.

Used for weddings, births and other cultural celebrations, Mixtura (confetti) is a key part of daily life in the city of El Alto, the second-largest city in Bolivia. Max Siñani, a visual artist currently living and working in El Alto, uses Mixtura as a key part of his practice, and to explore concepts surrounding documentation, linguistic structuralism, and Bolivia’s colonial past. Find out more in our exclusive Friends of Friends video portrait.

Max Siñani is a Bolivian artist who has lived in the city of El Alto since birth. Having originally studied architecture, he now makes visual art work that uses mixtura (confetti) to explore Bolivian cultural history.

Video and Photography: Ignacio Barrio and Elizabeth Gleeson
Text: Emily May