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The Freunde von Freunden iPad Magazine


PLEASE NOTE: This text is about the FvF iPad magazine version 1.2 If you have downloaded version 1.0 or 1.01 please make sure you update to version 1.2 to fully enjoy the complete FvF experience on the iPad.

If you have followed the development of Freunde von Freunden over the past three years, you witnessed the growth of our magazine, the launch of our first book, and the establishment of our international teams and their respective networks. Now, the time has come to take the idea of FvF to a new medium: The iPad magazine.

We began thinking about the concept of an iPad magazine back when we relaunched the FvF website to go international, but decided to not go for the “quick fix” which would have been to simply transfer the website to an iPad app. Instead, the goal we’ve set ourselves was to create an independent medium that carries on the FvF idea and translates it into a new context.

Having finished the first internal version of the iPad magazine, we felt like we hadn’t quite reached our own goal. So we worked on the concept, design, and development again to give you the best experience possible. This improved user experience takes the essential features of FvF and combines unique visual and journalistic storytelling with high quality videos and interviews to portray creative minds in their living and working environments.

So, as you can imagine, we are pretty excited to finally present our app to you.

The FvF iPad Magazine comes as a freemium app. The standard version, which is free for everyone via the Apple App-Store, offers access to a selection of ten interviews. The premium version will include exclusive content from the FvF Berlin and FvF Friends book, that has never before  been published, along with pre-published interviews, behind the scenes insights, and content which will only be available on the iPad.

The premium version will be available as an In-App-Purchase for € 2.69 (6 months) or € 4.49 (12 months). Both versions automatically update themselves with new interviews. Besides that, the app provides a built-in video player, as well as iPad optimized gestures. You can use and read the app in portrait- and landscape mode and download individual stories for offline use (Pack&Go).

Thanks to the partnership with Vitra – we are able to give you the premium version for free throughout the launch phase of the FvF iPad Magazine. In Vitra we have found a natural partner that shares our high standards of quality, design, and sustainability.

To us, the Freunde von Freunden iPad Magazine represents a consistent continuation of the FvF idea designed to stand alone within the iPad context. We hope you enjoy the result as much as we do.

We would like to give a special thanks to the hard-working team of our mother-agency MoreSleep , along with Ulf Germann, Marc-André Weibezahn, and Kay Siegert, who helped make our goal a reality.