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To boldly go where no cactus has gone before


It started with the attempt of me trying to grow some fresh herbs on the windowsill. Even if I can‘t keep a cactus alive for more than a week, I tried my luck with growing fresh cooking ingredients, and somehow, I actually succeeded.
The flourishing rosmary bushes in my kitchen sparked my newly founded gardening confidence. Ever since then, I think about surrounding myself with more living organisms – not only on the weekend trips to the countryside. I want them with me also during the week. In my apartment.

Continuing the prominent theme of nature that also found its home within Berlin’s Fashion Week, my perception of our guest’s habitats began to shift: as the incarnation of dusty offices, plants have lived in the shadow for too long, but can add much warmth and atmosphere to one’s home.
Usually we are strongly tied to our urban environment in our daily lives – every impact of nature seems like an intervention of our perceived normality: strangers look together for shelter from the rain, thunder makes people share cabs – it adds a good dose of anarchy to our structured schedules and provides an ever-growing intimacy.

To be reminded of this fact, our lovely guests brought nature into their homes in the  most diverse ways. Enjoy some beautiful ideas of how to live among nature within a city milieu and embrace the unpredictable effects it sometimes can have.

Text: Sarah Weinknecht

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