Thank you everyone so much! - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

Thank you everyone so much!


Time flies and this year and the last months have been amazing. We would like to take the festive time as a chance to thank everyone involved in FvF this year.

We want to say thank you to our friends and guests. Also a big thank you to our growing number of readers. They are the ones that make Freunde von Freunden happen. They read what we love and do because it makes us a lot of fun.

2011 was crazy. We received our second lead award in a row in May. We met amazing people in Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Paris, Jakarta, Johannesburg, London, NYC and many more cities and of course in our home town Berlin. We started with the international interviews in September, the book came out in November. We had some lovely events and parties with friends and we travelled a lot for the magazine and clients this year.

So let’s say thank you to our friends in:

New York City: Grace Villamil, Christopher Ambrose, Andrew Mc Mullen, Noemi Staehelin, Vivian Host, Rin Johnson, Waverly Rose Mandel

London: Lilli Heinemann, Jean-Philippe Woodland, Julia Lindquist, Elinor Jones, Brian Ferry (now NYC), Jean-Philippe Woodland, Angelo Carnielo and Sebastian Trojand

Paris: Ilan Rosenblatt, Natalie Weiss, Noémi Causse, Romy Strassenburg, Gesa Hansen, Mascha Kaessner, Sophie Callet

Sao Paulo: Fran Parente, Guto Requena, Julia Albani, Lucio Regner

Berlin: Katrin Weber, Ailine Liefeld, Sarah Weinknecht, Oliver Kann, Torsten Bergler, Antonia Märzhäuser, Fette Sans, Philipp Langenheim, Dan Zoubek, Maxime Ballesteros, Hendrik Thul, Ramon Haindl, Ana Finel-Honigman, Karen und Christian Boros, Uta Grosenick, Matthew Gentile, Ulf German, Thomas Michelbach, Kay Siegert, Maren Sextro, Christian Fussenegger, Torben Höke, Louisa Löwenstein, Rogier Postma, Juliane Spaete, Thomas Andrae, Moritz Kaufmann, Silke Neumann, Nico Niermann, Marcus Werner, Clemens Poloczek, Claudine Braendle, Julia Stelzner, Sylee Gore, Karolin Langfeldt, Charly Wilder

The team continues to grow and there are more cities and countries coming in 2012. We are working hard on the iPad App edition and will release it early 2012. There is also more general news but we will share it when it’s done. But fact is without this amazing team and our great friends this all wouldn’t be possible and the book and website would just be white and blank space.

We also have to thank our supporting clients and a special thank you to our publishing house Distanz and the hard working team behind it.

We are more than happy to have such a wonderful network and are looking forward to everything that’s coming up in 2012.

and happy holidays!

Eure Freunde