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Meet The FvF Contributors: Marta Vargas


Marta tries to live by one maxim to keep her mind alert and her creativity flowing, “Saturdays are for discoveries.”

As a photographer and graphic designer, Marta believes that design starts with thinking, exploring and experimenting before translating thoughts into a visual language that’s conceptually interesting and appealing. Born in Barcelona and based in Stockholm, Marta finds joy in photography and the way it allows her to capture the beauty of mundane objects and surroundings.

In Sweden, her country of choice, she feels like she has found her place in the world – she had been dreaming about living there since her early university days. “I feel very connected to this country’s culture and how much of an ode to nature this place truly is.” Nature, landscapes and botanical gardens can be seen in abundance in her work shot in her trademark style of subtle palettes and atmospheric settings.


Recently, she has started Deriva, a print magazine about urban wandering that invites readers to slow down, change their usual paths around the city and discover new things in their surroundings. “I firmly believe happiness is not on the things one owns, but on being able to enjoy and appreciate the things that are already around you,” Marta tells us about her project.

For the pages of FvF, Marta has shown us a piece of Stockholm starting with furniture design connoisseur Mimmi Staaf. Through her lens, we also got to know two important ladies from Sweden’s fashion industry, Elin Larsson and Sara Hildén Bengtsson, as well as a lovely couple with a renovated bus in their backyard. For our cooking features, Marta shared with us a wholesome vegan lunch series with yoga instructor Belén Vazquez Amaro.

  • What’s your favorite daily ritual?

    In wintertime, I like to get home from work, light all the candles and prepare some white tea to finally relax and spend time on my own or with my beloved ones.

  • What do you love about your hometown?

    I love that it’s next to the sea. I like going back to my parents’ place and fall asleep to the sound of waves in the background. A walk on the seashore heals everything.

  • How has technology influenced you?

    I owe a lot to technology. I think being able to share and connect with people from all over the world is incredible. I feel lucky for having met most of my best friends through technology, and for being able to share my work so easily and freely.

  • Your best travel memory?

    Quite recently I spent a few days in Copenhagen on my own, as a way of starting a new chapter in my life. That city will always have a special meaning for me.

  • Your latest artistic discovery – in terms of music, art or design?

    I got a Miranda July book as a gift for my birthday and I’m totally in love with her. Such a discovery.

  • Your last supper would be?

    My dad’s black rice.

  • What current global or local topics are you interested in lately?

    I’m very interested in nutrition and mindfulness these days. I think we are getting more and more aware of how important it is to take care of our mind as well as our body. I like learning and experiencing things I know are good for myself like yoga, meditation and other healthy habits.

  • Where do you go when you want to relax or find inspiration in your city?

    What I like the most about living in Stockholm is that nature is everywhere. I need to be close to nature. I love greenhouses and lakes, so Bergianska Trädgården is definitely my escape in the city.

  • What’s your favorite portrait or interview on FvF and why?

    The very recent portrait with Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk is one of my favorites. I got to discover his work, which I really like and find very inspiring. The photos by Jordi Huisman are also amazing.

    Another one I keep going back to is Lauren Spencer King. I think it’s one of the portraits that inspires me the most.

  • What’s your most favorite photograph on FvF?

    These two from Carolina Iriarte‘s story in Barcelona.


Marta, thanks for chatting with us and for all the great portraits you’ve produced thus far for FvF. Find out more about Marta’s projects and her new magazine, Deriva

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