Link List #133: Korean soldiers, immigration-inspired fashion, and how to cope with apocalyptic dread

Link List #133: Korean soldiers, immigration-inspired fashion, and how to cope with apocalyptic dread

This week we’ve been reading about designer Rick Owens’ immigration-inspired collection at Paris Fashion Week, how to cope with apocalyptic dread over the climate crisis, and the new dance work inspired by Berlin club culture.

Heinkuhn OH’s series Absurd Play
    • Last week at Paris Fashion Week, American designer Rick Owens drew on his Mexican heritage to explore themes of immigration and border walls in his SS20 collection. Find out more in The Washington Post.
    • Using cities as film sets: an unnecessary frustration for locals or an opportunity to make the location the star of the show? The New York Times shares photographs of film crews from their archives displaying the beauty and frustrations of producing movies in New York City.
    • Can’t seem to shake the sense of apocalyptic dread about the climate crisis? Last week’s “Ask Polly” on The Cut gives you some practical solutions for how to navigate your worries about global warming with a healthy perspective.
    • “It’s very much like pagan celebrations. It’s about ecstasy and losing control.” French performance artist Gisèle Vienne talks to The Guardian about her upcoming show Crowd. Set to open this year’s Dance Umbrella festival in London, the performance is based on Vienne’s experiences of clubbing in Berlin in the early ’90s.
    • In this photo story on AnOther, South Korean photographer Heinkuhn Oh captures young men patrolling the hyper-militarised border between North and South Korea in an effort to highlight the farce of contemporary warfare.

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