FvF Mixtape #116: The Freunde von Freunden HQ Moves to Kreuzberg - Friends of Friends / Freunde von Freunden (FvF)

FvF Mixtape #116: The Freunde von Freunden HQ Moves to Kreuzberg


It’s been a good run at the lovely FvF HQ in Mitte but we’re spreading our wings a bit and moving to Kreuzberg—plus, we want to be closer to the Friends Space. We think our bees will like the change of scenery, too.

After four years on Mulackstraße, we’re packing up all the Apple products, our beloved espresso machine and heading to Kreuzberg—so we’ve created a special playlist to commemorate the big move.

We’re ready to start a new chapter in FvF history with the move from the center of Berlin to the west, where there are less fashion boutiques, more graffiti and some excellent kebabs. But we’ll of course be keeping the FvF Apartment, so Mitte won’t fall entirely off our radar.

We tried to capture our feelings at the moment—both excited to get into the new office and sad to see the old one go—so these tracks are upbeat with a hint of retrospection. This playlist also gives a good idea of the diverse range of music we all listen to at the office. It’s a nice mix of golden age hip hop, some classics, some obscure stuff with a nice dose of grime as well.

Some memories from Mulackstrasse

We started with a literal interpretation of the theme with songs like: “Move on Up,” “Move Together,” “Before I Move off,” and “Moving.” And got to more obliquely moving-related tracks like: “Area Codes” (10119 to 10999 in our case), “Them Changes,” “The Roof is on Fire,” and “West End Girls.” Have a listen, reminisce for a spell and stay tuned for more updates from the world of FvF.

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If you want to see more of our world, stop by the FvF Apartment or catch an event at the Friends Space.

Text:Kevin Chow
Photography:Robert Rieger and Daniel Müller